2024 Hoogland Board of Trustees

December 21, 2023

We are excited to announce our Board of Trustees for 2024!

Jane Brownback
Ashley Coker (Marketing Committee Chair)
Tim Crawford (Inclusion and Diversity Committee Chair)
Paris Ervin Doyle
Carolyn Fleischli
Eric Flick, President
Dr. Nicole Florence, Vice President
Patrick Foster (Education Committee Co-Chair)
Lynn Gilmore
Kip Leverton
Penny McCarty
Mark McDonald
Craig McFarland
Brian Mitchell, Past President (Operations Committee Chair)
Jessica Nardulli
T. David Parker
Cyndy Rice, Secretary (Education Committee Co-Chair)
Tom Ryder, Treasurer (Finance Committee Chair)
Angie Satchivi
Tiffani Saunders
Sheila Walk

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