For the past 10 years, the Hoogland Performing Arts Education program has provided area students with outstanding education in the performing arts. We are excited to move into our second decade as one of the best sources for theatre education for young performers in central Illinois. We have an exciting season planned with great shows and an amazing team of teachers leading the way!


Students are given the opportunity to be involved in Hoogland Education through our performance based programs, Hoogland Juniors, Kids, and Teens, or through our weekday classes.


The Hoogland Juniors, Kids, and Teens program teaches students the fundamentals of theatrical performing with the ultimate goal of appearing in one of our mainstage Hoogland Education productions. Students enrolled in the Hoogland Juniors, Kids and Teens will be involved in several performances throughout the school year. All students involved in the Hoogland Kids and Hoogland Teens programs will be required to participate in at least one weekday class per school year. 


Weekday classes focus on building the student’s confidence and knowledge base so they are able perform at their highest level. Students do not need to be registered for the Hoogland Juniors, Kids, or Teens program to be involved in weekday classes.


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