Adopt-a-Seat Program

Join our groups of generous donors who have adopted a seat in the LRS Theatre. If you would like to learn more about our Adopt-A-Seat program, please contact Gus Gordon at (217) 523-2787 x. 154 or

Adopted Seats

Row Number (A to K - Audience right to left) Name
A10 Gene & Elaine Wilkinson
A8 Robert & Carolyn Blackwell
A6 Henry & Deborah Berman
A4 Roderick & Margery Dodds
A2 John Dale & Ronee C. Kennedy
A101 Judge Tom Chiola
A102 Thayne Erney
A103 John P. Pearson
A104 Preston & JoAnne Hott
A105 Glen & Jeanne Pittman
A106 Cynda Wrightsman
A107 Mary C. Atkins
A108 Laurie C. Farrell
A109 David M. Farrell
A1 Jack Duffy
A3 John A. Michelich & Barbara Freeman-Michelich
A5 Jayne McDonald
A7 Jess McDonald
A9 Julia McDonald
B10 Michelle & Guerry Suggs
B8 Michelle & Guerry Suggs
B6 Michelle & Guerry Suggs
B4 Michelle & Guerry Suggs
B2 Michelle & Guerry Suggs
B101 The Choir of Westminster Presbyterian Church
B102 The Nallamothu Family
B103 The Shanahan Family
B104 Bruce Shevlin Family
B105 The Seidman Family
B106 Kelly and Karen Grant
B107 Don & Wanda Tracy
B108 Henry & Margaret Kirshner
B109 Henry & Margaret Kirshner
B110 Henry & Margaret Kirshner
B1 Norman & Vicki Megginson
B3 MG & Donna Nelson
B5 Pete & Melinda LaBarre
B7 In Honor of Brad & Seth Wheeler
B9 Norman & Vicki Megginson
C10 In Memory of Ruth and Steven Hahn By Wendell Hahn
C8 Ace Hardware
C6 Bill & Julie Cellini
C4 Bill & Julie Cellini
C2 Henson Robinson Company
C101 Lawrence A. Bussard & Constance Locher Bussard
C102 Scott & Rae Long & Girls
C103 Barbara & Gershom Greening
C104 Court & Karen Conn
C105 Court & Karen Conn
C106 David B. & Nora Sansone Hoover
C107 Ruth & Wendell Hahn
C108 Resource One of Illinois
C109 Ace Hardware 
C110 Pam & William T. Grant
C111 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gibbs
C1 In Honor of Velma Lawson
C3 Paul & Penny Mueller
C5 The Wall Family
C7 In Honor of Carl & Jean Follin  
D8 In Memory of Steve Carson
D6 In Memory of Dale E. Mason, Jr.
D4 Diane Jarosz & Fred Jarosz
D2 Diane Jarosz & Fred Jarosz
D101 In support of Springfield’s Performing & Fine Arts Communities
Sylvia & Robb Miller
D102 John Shafer & Cathy Schwartz
D103 Rex & Mary Bangert
D104 Michael K. Armour, CPA, CFP
D105 William & Mary Schnirring
D106 In Memory of Perry Lindley
D107 In Memory of Maralee Lindley
D108 Steve & Sherry Wells
D109 In Memory of Robert Steffan by Shirley Lanphier
D110 Ross Jennings, Jennings Brothers Painting
D111 Ken & Sue White, Bergh-White Opticians
D112 Ryan Electrical Solutions
D1 Shane & Cathy Denney
D3 Thomas & Paula Dearing
D5 Matthew & Michelle Dearing
D7 In Honor of Rich and Laurie McCoy
E10 In Honor of Molly Norris
E8 In Honor of Jennifer Farrell Bognar By David and Laurie Farrell
E6 In Memory of Susan G. Jeffers-Casel
E4 In Honor of Charlotte M. Blumle
E2 In Honor of Marian S. Levin
E101 Dr. Sandra Yeh & Dr. Gregory Kane
E102 Dr. Sandra Yeh & Dr. Gregory Kane
E103 In Memory of Paul Lerch by Patrick Foster & Donna Lerch
E104 Gus & Claire Gordon
E105 Terry & Lori Peterman, Chem-Dry of Springfield
E106 Hardy - Golembeck - Leverton
E107 In Memory of Sarina G. Sansone by the August F. Sansone, Sr. Family
E108 Maria A. Leka & George W. Leka
E109 In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Blumle
E110 Neil Thompson
E111 Michael Noga
E112 Mike Long, Long Elevator & Machine Co.
E113 Ray & Anne Capestrain
E114 Bob & Sarah Bunn
E115 In Memory of Jane Ann Evans by Alan Evans
E1 In Memory of Charlie Brittin
E3 Marge & George Ray
E5 Jason & Erin Aleman
E7 Laura Ann Drennan
F10 Milt & Kathy Sees
F8 Larry A. Hardy
F6 R.D. McMillen
F4 PJ Staab
F2 In Memory of Drucilla Haynes by Mary Blumle & Sharon Molineaux
F101 In Honor of Barry and Barbara Seidman Family, Diane & Robert Altkorn Family
F102 Joanne & Pradeep Kulkarni
F103 Karl & Lynda Kerstein
F104 Fred & Kathy Hoffmann
F105 Stephen Hazelrigg Family
F106 The Davis Family
F107 Phyllis H. Brissenden
F108 Issac Ryder
F109 Finley Ryder
F110 Tom & Peggy Ryder
F111 Tom & Peggy Ryder
F112 Tom & Peggy Ryder
F113 Tom & Peggy Ryder
F114 Tom & Peggy Ryder
F1 Mike & Barb Schwartz
F3 Carl & Roberta Volkmann
F5 Evelyn M. Thomas
F7 Don & Patricia Altorfer
G10 Phillip & Mary Gail Galle
G8 Mike & Jane Bradley
G6 Dance Arts Studio
G4 Buzz Nanavati
G2 P.J & Grace Nanavati
G101 Nadine Ferguson
G102 Colin & Melissa Liberman
G103 In Memory of Albert & Rita McRae
G104 In Honor of Finn Loken by Mary Loken
G105 In Honor of Beck Loken by Mary Loken
G106 Tom & Peggy Ryder
G107 Tom & Peggy Ryder
G108 Tom & Peggy Ryder
G109 Tom & Peggy Ryder
G110 Tom & Peggy Ryder
G1 Bill & Susan Sturm
G3 Bill & Susan Sturm
G5 Sandy Bellatti
G7 H.O. & Jane Brownback
G9 Jeffrey & Linda Storm
H101 Dr. Donald H. Pearson, R. Kathryn Pearson
H102 Dr. Donald H. Pearson, R. Kathryn Pearson
H103 Robert & Kathleen Woodruff
H104 Keith & Lisa Wichterman
H105 In Loving Memory, Kimberly A. Hepworth, 1975-2010
H106 Dr. Fredric Fiersten
H107 Dr. John Colbert
H108 Mark & Julie Staley
H109 Ron & Carol Sholes
H110 Ron & Carol Sholes
K101 Caryl T. Moy PhD
K102 Richard H. Moy, MD