Enrollment in the 2020-2021 season will be announced at a later date. Any inquiries can be made to mvala@hcfta.org
Hoogland Teens
The Hoogland Teens are Central Illinois' talented high school students coming together to learn and perform in the Springfield theatre community. These students work intensively in singing, acting, and dancing and perform all over Central Illinois. Keep an eye out for us at the Festival of Trees, Artist on the Plaza, and other functions!
Outside of community performances, this group of students will present a fully-staged musical and provide entertainment for numerous Hoogland events (averaging 25-30 performances a year). Entering eighth graders (with approval from Education Director) through seniors in high school are eligible for this group. With quality educators and a passion for the performing arts, these teens will receive the top theatre education in the area.
PLEASE NOTE: The Hoogland Teens are in two separate enrollments.  Students entering grades 7-9 will enroll in HOOGLAND TEENS UNDERCLASSMAN and students entering grades 10-12 will enroll in HOOGLAND TEENS UPPERCLASSMAN.
Hoogland Kids
Let your child explore and enjoy the art of theatre. The Hoogland Center for the Arts offers a fun, energetic, and nurturing environment where your children are able to sing and dance their hearts out. These talented kids will be seen throughout Springfield spreading the buzz about the Hoogland Center for the Arts.
These students will also learn the basics of theare and obtain skills to help them succeed in the performing arts. During the spring, the students will perform in a Hoogland production and participate in 25-30 performances per school year.  Students eligible for this group must be entering fourth grade through sixth grade.
Hoogland Juniors
Hoogland Juniors enrolls first through third grade students interested in the performing arts.  These classes are held on during the academic year from August through May and consist of basic singing, acting, dancing and building teamwork skills and friendships among youth.   These students will also participate in 5-8 performances per education year.  Sign your child up to experience their first steps into the world of the performing arts!
NOTE: In order to enroll in the Hoogland Kids, Teens and Juniors, the student must enroll in a minimum of one weekday educational course per academic year.





Hoogland Kids, Teens, Juniors Enrollment

  • Enrollment available online April 3
  • The cost of enrollment is $425 per year for performance groups and $150 for a weekday educational courses
  • Your child must be enrolled prior to the first class in order to participate in the course
  • Enrollment fee can be paid in full or in three separate installments: 1st at time of enrollment, 2nd on orientation, and 3rd payment in September



Give a Chance to Grow...

The Young Artist Fund offers scholarship funds to families in financial need for youth and teen educational programs at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. With assistance by St. John's Hospital, businesses in Springfield, and gracious patrons, this fund allows all children a chance to explore their gifts in the performing arts.  The application process for this financial assistance will include financial information from the head of household and written essays from the participating student.  Applications for the Young Artist Fund will be available beginning April 28.   If you or your child is interested in applying for a scholarship, please email mvala@hcfta.org