A note on the 2020-2021 Hoogland Ed. year:

The Hoogland Education Program is committed to the safety of our students, teachers, and families.  While our academic year will not be the same as past years, we will be providing a year of performing arts education that will keep students safe until we can return to the stage.  All classes will begin in a virtual format (zoom meetings, asynchronous videos, and video submissions).  As the year progresses, we will make decisions on when it is safe to return to in-person instruction and performances.


While we cannot guarantee what the future holds, we can promise the Hoogland Education program will empower imagination through these difficult times, provide meaningful collaboration between students and the artistic community, and build a positive environment for personal and creative growth.

Hoogland Teens
Experience the excitement of being a Hoogland Teen! We are Central Illinois' talented high school students diving into the world of theatre and music.  Outside of community performances, this group of students will participate (virtually and/or live) in leading productions at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.  With quality educators and a passion for the performing arts, these teens will receive the top theatre education in the area. This class entails: Alternating Saturday classes, a virtual presentation in late fall, anticipated live performances in Spring 2021.
PLEASE NOTE: The Hoogland Teens are in two separate enrollments.  Students entering grades 7-9 will enroll in HOOGLAND TEENS UNDERCLASSMAN and students entering grades 10-12 will enroll in HOOGLAND TEENS UPPERCLASSMAN.
Hoogland Kids
Let your child explore and enjoy the art of theatre! The Hoogland Center for the Arts offers a fun, energetic, and nurturing environment where your children are able to sing and dance their hearts out.  These students will learn the basics of theatre and obtain skills to help them succeed in the performing arts! The students will participate mentally and physically in educational coursework, audition for the education department’s anticipated shows, and explore the new world of virtual performance in these unprecedented times.
Let your child start their journey on the road to stardom! These first through third graders explore the basics of singing, acting, dancing and work with each other in a healthy, creative environment.  Not only will they learn the skills of performing, but they will build important skills in teamwork and creating a positive self image as a young performer. The class entails: Alternating Saturday classes, opening performances of a staged musical, and final student showcase.
NOTE: In order to enroll in the Hoogland Kids, Teens and Juniors, the student must also be enrolled in a minimum of one weekday educational course per academic year.





Hoogland Kids, Teens, Juniors Enrollment

  • Enrollment available online September 1
  • The cost of enrollment is $425 per year for performance groups and $100-$200 for one weekday educational course
  • Your child must be enrolled prior to the first class in order to participate in the course
  • Enrollment fee can be paid in full or in three separate installments: 1st at time of enrollment, 2nd in October, and 3rd payment in November.