The Mikado


The Hoogland Center for the Arts and the SIU Voice Clinic are pleased to present Gilbert and Sullivan's THE MIKADO on August 22, 23, 29 and 30 at 8pm and August 24 and 31 at 2pm in the LRS Theatre at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.



W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan’s THE MIKADO premiered in London in 1885 and has gone on to become one of the pair’s most popular collaborations. The famous melodies include “A Wandering Minstrel,” “Tit-Willow,” “Three Little Maids from School,” and many more. They are as captivating musically as they are witty (and deliciously silly) textually.


The setting is the town of Titipu, where the tailor Ko-Ko, since being appointed Lord High Executioner, hasn’t executed anyone. His ward, Yum-Yum , whom he plans to marry, has fallen in love with a traveling musician, Nanki-Poo. Nanki-Poo is the Mikado’s son, and has escaped the court to avoid the attentions of an intimidating older noblewoman, Katisha. Ko-Ko learns of a decree from the Mikado that says unless an execution occurs within a month the city will be reduced to the rank of a village, which would spell disaster. Neither the noble lord Pish-Tush, nor the Lord High Everything Else, Pooh-Bah will volunteer to be executed. Complications occur with the arrival of the Mikado, accompanied by the ever-formidable Katisha.


Cast List:

KoKo – Mark Gifford

Pooh-Bah – Jeremy Goeckner

Nanki-Pooh – Nathan Peak

Pish-Tush - Adam Miller

Mikado – Cory Blissett

Katisha – Lori Ann McCabe

Yum-Yum – Sara Baltusevich

Pitti-Sing – Jennifer Jones

Peep-Bo - Shelley Simon


Men of TITIPU: 
Alan Lee
Nathan Moss
Jeff Prince
Randy Dunham
Brett Rutherford
Jeromy Rees
Erik Lyons

Women of TITIPU:
Suzanne Moss
Cynda Wrightsman
Jennifer Allen
Karee Prince
Claire Gordon
Alexa Giacomini
Linda Schneider
Jessica Polhemus