Gold Members ($1,200+)

Don & Patricia Altorfer

Mary Blumle

H.O. & Jane Brownback

Kyle & Ashley Coker

Beverly & Hubert Collins

Tim & Kris Cravens

Tim Crawford

Gus & Claire Gordon

Kelly & Karen Grant

Roberta Hendee

John Dale & Roneé Kennedy

Mary Loken

R. Norman & Vicki Megginson

PJ & Grace Nanavati

Tom & Peggy Ryder

William & Mary Schnirring

Mark & Julie Staley

Harvey & Judy Stephens

William R. Zimmer



Silver Members ($600-$1,199)

Tom & Helen Appleton

Mary Beaumont

Sandy Bellatti

Georgiann Bredehoft

Kevin & Lisa Coakley

George & Georgia Dirksen

Pat Foster & Donna Lerch

Joe & Betsy Goulet

Rodney & Britt Holzmacher

Kip & Andrea Leverton

Wendell Hahn

Ralph & Rhonda Howland

Nelda Jacoby

Karen Broquet & Greg Krutsinger

Colin & Melissa Liberman

Kibber & John Miller

David & Deborah Mueth

Paul & Lynne O’Shea

Steven & Robin Read

Henry Rodriguez

Sentinel Pest Control

Sound Celebration Chorus

Edward Smith

Donn Stephens

Jay & Shirley Stevenson

Wallace & Patricia Strow

William & Susan Sturm

Evelyn Thomas

James & Carolyn Timberlake

Eloise Van Fossan

Charles & Diana Weyhenmeyer, Jr.

Ed & Judy Wollet

Elvin & Sharon Zook


Bronze Members  ($300-$599)

Sharline Antonacci

Mike & Beth Beasley

Mitch & Molly Beavers

Don & Bev Bergdolt

Scottie & Diane Bevill

Barbara Butler

Larry L. Christensen

Twila Clark

Sandy & Dave DeWall

Laura Ann Drennan

Joel & Grace Fahey

Roger & Julie Finnell

Bob & Jeanne Gordon

Rick & Carol Heironimus

Hank & Linda Keene

Margaret Kirschner

Karl & Christine Kohlrus

Land of Lincoln Chorus

Velma Lawson

Ron & Marian Levin

Jan Little

Nancy & Robert Lyon, Jr.

Lee & Cindy Milner

Joyce & Steve Nardulli

Bob & Marsha Narmont

Tim & Judy Nicoud

Ray Ogden

Deborah Oughton

Teresa Randozzo

Krista Rock

Milt & Kathy Sees

Gary Lamsargis & Laura Shea

Bob & Natalie Silverman

Anna Sohm & Magdalena Osterhuber

Thomas & Suzann Spada

Springfield Area Arts Council

Boyd Springer

Carolyn Stone

Stephen & Lisa Stone

Dave & Michelle Tebrugge

Aaron Thomas

Shirley Thomas

Jean Townsend

Peter & Cheryl Wise

Penny Wollan-Kriel



Friend of the Hoogland ($25 - $299)

Judith Anderson

Rosalind Bloome

Norma Brantley

Jim & Kay Caruso

Dennis & Patti Daniels

Max & Deborah Dillahunty

Karen Fifer

Larry & Paula Fifer

Greg Floyd & Richard Schuldt

James Gamback

Bob & Sarah High

Katie Joshu

Kim & Cindy Klickna

Jim & Sarah Lopinski

Elizabeth Magee

Walter Matthews

Jay Mesi

Penelope Meyer

Tom & Barbara Needham

Bryan Rives

Wanda Riseman

Deb & George Rudis

Gloria & Mike Schwartz

Donald Schmidt

Ada Lyn Shrewsbury

Penny & Ricky Snyder

Brad & Carolyn Swanson

Gary & Glenda Terpstra

Kevin & Beth Waldman

Sheila Walk & Doug Kamholz

Diana Widicus & Mike Davis

Gwendolyn & James Wolfey


*As of July 20, 2020


Like most nonprofit organizations, HCFTA must rely on support from generous donors like you. To move us forward, we have created the Hoogland Forever Club. Our financial goals include providing a stable home for our resident organizations, as well as defraying the operational costs of our 80,000-square-foot building and increasing the number of programs we offer the community. Funds from the Hoogland Forever Club have already been used to develop educational programs for both children and adults and to establish the Hoogland Education Program, which provides theatrical training and performance opportunities for young artists from around the area.


Our vibrant community arts center has truly become the "heart of the arts" in Springfield. With your help, we can continue to enhance the cultural climate of our city - forever!


Levels of Giving

  • Gold Level - $100 per month or $1,200 per year

  • Silver Level - $50 per month or $600 per year

  • Bronze Level - $25 per month or $300 per year

  • Hoogland Friend - $25-299 per year.


Your Benefits

  • Discount on tickets to Hoogland Center for the Arts Performance Series performances (Does NOT include Springfield Theatre Centre productions or shows produced by outside organizations)Gold - 20%; Silver - 15%; Bronze - 10%.

  • Name prominently displayed in the Hoogland Center for the Arts Lobby

  • Name listed in all HCFTA program books and on our website