Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How much is the time commitment for Hoogland Kids, Teens, and Juniors?

Answer: The students begin Saturday classes in August and end the beginning of May.  All absences require a two-weeks notice and we take time off for major holidays.  All technical rehearsals (weekday rehearsals leading up to the performances) and performances are mandatory.


Question: My child is in 8th grade.  Which classes should they take?

Answer: Any new incoming student who will be entering 8th grade will register for the Hoogland Kids program.  The teacher will evaluate the student during the first weeks of class and decide if moving up into the older program would be a good fit for the student.  We are here to help your child expand their skills successfully and want their involvement in the program to be positive!


Question: My student wants to pariticpate in Hoogland Kids, Teens, or Juniors.  Is there any requirements attached to enrolling into one of these programs?

Answer: Yes!  If a student enrolls in the Hoogland Kids, Teens, or Juniors performance group, they are required to take at least one weekday educational course during that current academic year.


Question: What is a technical week?

Answer: A technical week is the Monday through Thursday evening leading up to the opening of one of the Hoogland Ed. shows.  During these nights, we are integrating the scenery, costumes, lights, sound, and makeup into the production.  These nights are used to make sure each child is safe onstage and the production is ready to be presented to the public.  These rehearsals are MANDATORY.  Absences from these nights will require a student to not participate in the performances.


Question: Can I watch rehearsals?

Answer:  We conduct closed rehearsals.  This allows the students to be fully focused on the lesson for the day and to help them build connections with their fellow students.  We have various days where parents are invited to view skits and volunteer in show production.


Question: Does my child need prior experience to participate in these classes?

Answer: Great question!  All children are welcome to join the Hoogland Ed. Program!  From beginner to advanced, we help specialize the program to build the talents and strengths of all children.


Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer:  Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on classes.  Once a student enrolls in one of the courses, they agree to pay for the class to completion.