COVID-19 Relief Fund Donors


Thank you to the following people for donating to the Hoogland to help us through this difficult time:


John Abate

Ace Hardware (in memory of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Ace Sign Company (in memory of Charles Hoogland)

Grace Adloff

Lindsey Aeriel Adams

Mary Addison-Lamb

Jean Akright

Tom Ala

Jo Alessandrini-Suggs

Don and Patricia Altorfer

Judith Anderson

Tom and Helen Appleton

Amy Arai

C. Kent Argenta (in memory of John Brillhart)

Ron and Cheryl Armintrout

Victoria Armstrong

Joe and Kate Baima and Family

Baker, Baker & Krajewski

Dave Barnes

Whitney Barnes

Brian and Nancy Barstead

Dr. Richard Bass

The Bauer Family

Mike and Beth Beasley

Mary Mitchell Beaumont

Rosalie Beck

Mike and Karen Beckmann

John and Tricia Becker

Brent and Erica Beeman

Sandy Bellatti

Pam Benad

Ellen Bennett

Don and Bev Bergdolt

Ramantha and Purvi Bhandari

Dick and Bette Bilinsky

Geoffrey A. Bland, M.D.

Connie Block

Mary E. Blumle

Denes/Blythe Family Fund

Mychele J. Boatman

Bonnie Boggs (in honor of Hoogland Education - the Hoogland Kids and Teens)

Jennifer Bognar

James Bogue

Boulay/Han Family Fund

Marvin and Linda Bowen

Maria Brauer

Dennis and Cathy Bringuet (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Carolyn Brooks

Deborah Brothers

Catherine Brown

Gary and Kathlyn Brown

James and Nancy Brown

Jeffrey Brown

Jane and H.O. Brownback

Jim Buckles and Henry Judy (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Bob and Sarah Bunn

Alan Burgard and Doug Hahn

Susan Burke

Sylvia Burke (in memory of Ken Bradbury)

Constance Losher Bussard

Karla Butcher (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Barbara Butler

David Cain

Sharon Caldwell

George and Susan Calvert

Jerald and Nancy Calvert

Craig and Kathleen Campbell

Patti Camille

Anne and Ray Capestrain, Capestrain/Tracy Family Fund

Capital City Men's Chorus (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Jane Carrington

Steve Carson

Justin Carter

Don and Melanie Caspary

Lola Cavanaugh

Bill and Julie Cellini

Central Illinois Security

Nathela Chatara

Richard and Phyllis Cheaney Charitable Foundation

Lynexia and Steven Chigges

Denise Church

Twila Clark

Brenda Cloyd

Dee Clump

Lisa and Kevin Coakley

Ashley and Kyle Coker

Campbell Coker

Nancy Cole (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Nancy Cole

Carol Coleman and Scott Silliman

Ann Collins (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

The Comerford Family

Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln Arts for Illinois Relief Fund

Beverly Connolly

Louise and Bill Conway

David Coonrod

Max and Megan Corlas

Cristin Cosgrove (in honor of Fiona Reed)

Sally Craven

Tim Crawford

Carol Cronister

Patti Crouch

Callie Cummings (in honor of Samantha Yoder)

Gretchen Dahl (in honor of Siona Van Metre)

Jim, Holly and Caroline Dahlquist

Dennis and Patti Daniels

James and Aasne Daniels

Jim and Pat Daniels

Davis Financial Group

Bill DeCroix

Megan and Chad DeFrain

Carla Delay

Elizabeth and Herb Denniss

Ronald Deweese

Sara Dever

The DeWall Family

Pat Dietrich

Diane Dietz

Wayne and Marilyn Dillinger

George and Georgia Dirksen

Sarah Disney

Mary D. Disseler

Linda Distlehorst (in honor of Gil and Ann Opferman)

Laura Ann Drennan

Lisa Ducaji

Dennis Dumyahn

Lois Dunbar

Aaron Duncan

Daniel and Carolyn Dungan

Jack Dunn

Don Ecklund

Jim and Brenda Edgar

Frank Kimball Efird

Angela Eiler (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Todd D. Elmore, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Espinosa

Curt Evoy

Fletcher Farrar and Mary Jessup

David and Laurie Farrell

Nicholas and Mary Faulkner

Louis and Connie Fegan

Karen Ferguson

Vanessa Ferguson

Phil and Kristen Fernstaedt, Freestyle Apparel and Design

Peg Ferry

Margaret Ferry and Lisa Ferry Hills

Roger and Julie Finnell

Greg Floyd and Richard G. Schuldt

Dr. Kevin and Kendra Floyd

Dr. Roland Folse

Carolyn Ford

Jane Ford

Kevin Ford

Patrick Foster and Donna Lerch

Curtis Fox

Dan and Sherry Frachey

Marcia and Bill Franklin

Cary and Joy Franks

Teri Freesmeyer

Joan Freitag

The Fritz Family

Phil Funkenbusch

Phil Funkenbusch (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Gabatoni's Pizza Restaurant, Rosalie Beck

Ellen Gallina

James Gambach (in memory of all lost during the pandemic)

Cathy Ganschinietz

Denise and Jim Garceau

Joan M. Gardner

Alexis Garlisch

Stephen R. Gebhardt

Karen and Mark Gerdes

Annie, Gary and Charlie Germann (in memory of Sam Germann)

Germeraad Family Fund

Connie Gheen

Becky Gibson

Mark E. Gifford

Jessica Gillespie

Matthew and Sharon Gilmour

Pat and Luke Gleason

Amy Gordon and Evan Himes

Bob, Suzanne and Grace Gordon

Gus and Claire Gordon

Robert and Jeanne Gordon

Robert and Nancy Gorman

Rick Gosch

Raj and Renu Govindaiah

Grace Lutheran Church

Bob Gray

Jennifer Gronewold

Kenneth and Frances Hage

Anthony Hamilton

Kay Hampsmier

Donald Hanrahan

Pamela Hart (in memory of Dale E. Mason Jr.)

John and Jackie Hartman

Steven and Jeannette Hassebrock

Ronald and Marie Havens

Jacqueline Hayes

Laura Hecht

Harold R. Hendrickson

Edward Herter (in honor of Jillian Herter)

Sarah and Bob High

Jan Hill

Chris Himes

Gene Hinckley

Tom Hnizdo and Terri Dickson-Hnizdo

Shelley Hoffman

Kathy Hoffmann

The Holzmacher Family

David B. Hoover and Nora Sansone Hoover

Horace Mann

Linda Hostetler

Ralph and Rhonda Howland

Eric Huber (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Mary Hudgins

Eva Hunter

Debi Iams

Illini Country Club (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Illinois Humanities

Joe-Michael Jackson

Nelda Jacoby

James and Melissa Jennings

Felicia Jiardina

Judith Johnson

Lamar and Kathryn Johnson

Richard and Linda Johnson

Robert and Rosemary Jokisch

Rebecca Jones

Robert and Dorothy Kane

Damien and Morgan Kaplan

Steve and Paula Kaplan

Jennifer Kegg

Bill and Julie Kellner

Jay and Carole Kennerly

Brian and Karen Kern

Wimer and Darlene Kern

David and Jan Kerwin

Rich Kim

Jay and Carole Kitterman

Carolyn Cochran Kopel

Lee Korty and Bert Morton

Gina Kovach and Dave Steward

David and Liz Krah

Julie Krehbiel

James Krekeler (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Kevin Kulavic

Dr. Adarsh Kumar

Pete and Melinda LaBarre

Mary Addison Lamb

Gary Lamsargis and Dr. Laura Shea

Rod and Kelly Lane

Rob and Barb Lanham

Anne Lawler (in honor of the Hoogland and Gus Gordon)

Marianne and Mike Lawrence

Rick and Kim Lawrence

Velma Lawson (in honor of Hannah and Marian Levin)

Christie Lazarides

Robert Leach and Leslie Forte-Leach

Kip and Andrea Leverton

Kip and Andrea Leverton (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Levi, Ray and Shoup Foundation, Mr. Richard Levi

Ron and Marian Levin

Colin Liberman and Melissa Skinner-Liberman

Jerry Lieb

Len Lieberman

Bob and Rosemary Leistner ( in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Rennie and Molly Link

Rose LoGrasso (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Dr. Mary Loken

Jane Long

Jim and Sara Lopinski

Marc Christopher Loro

Donna Lounsberry

Joyce Ludwig

Susan Wrincik Lutz

Michael Maddin

Jim and Susan Madison (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Elizabeth Morris Magee

Susan Mangiaracina

Jordan and Debra Mann

Tom and Natalie Marantz

Anna Marti (in honor of Gus and Claire Gordon)

William and Joyce Martens

Barry Marx and Nancy Sage

Barb and Mark Mathewson

Michael and Marsha Matzke

The McCarty Family

Rich and Laurie McCoy

Terry McCulley Piano Tuning

Toby McDaniel

Annette McDermott

Doug and Kim McDonald

Craig McFarland

Shirley McGlennon

Meg McGrew (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Malcolm B. McKean and Barbara A. McKean

Richard McLane

Brittney McLaughlin

Joe and Lynn McMenamin

Corrin McWhirter

Craig Meadow

Vicki and Norm Megginson

Michelle Meredith

Jay and Teri Mesi

Penny Meyer (in honor of Gil and Ann Opferman)

Miles Parkhill, Miles T-Shirts

Evelyn and John Miller

Karen Miller (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Brian and Natalie Mitchell

Daniel J. Moffett, D.D.S.

Helen Moose

Saul Morse and Anne Morgan

Suzanne Mizera Moss

Lori Mulacek

Ariana Murphy (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Michael and Elizabeth Murphy

Michael and Teena Myers

Dr. P.J. Nanavati and Grace Luttrell Nanavati

Jessica Nardulli

Joyce and Steve Nardulli

Bob and Marsha Narmont (United Community Bank)

Claudia Nash

Sharon Kay Nation

Glenn Nesbo

James Anthony Nelson

Diane Newell

Tim and Judy Nicoud

Michael Noga and Neil Thompson

Barb Oakes

John and Janis Oaks

James and Peggy O’Brien

Sharon Oehmke

Lois Olson

Gil and Ann Opferman

Paul and Lynne O'Shea

Kate Ostrowski

James Packer

Jacob Pahde

Beth Pallante

Stanley and Barbara Papp (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Kathleen Pauley

Donald and Brenda Peck

George Pennell and Jean Eyerich Pennell

Steven Pfaum and Karen Robertson

Stacey Pfingsten

Hiram S. Phillips

Brian Pier in honor of Darlene Johnson

Joseph and Marla Pisarek

Mrs. Glen Pittman

Pleasant Plains CUSD #8 (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Randy Pletcher

Blaine Pool

George and Lynda Preckwinkle

Marla Pringle

Cindy and Donald Pritchard

Donna and Randy Ragan

Jennifer Ramm

Julie and Josh Ratz

Ruth Rauch

George and Marge Ray

Courtney Reed (in memory of Bill Cosgrove, grandfather of actors Fiona Reed and Katie Cosgrove)

Samantha Reif

Gary Reinbold

Dennis Rendleman and Barb Shelow

Robert Reynolds

Priscilla Reyhan

Todd and Matt Riegel-Pinkerton

Wanda Sue Riseman

Bryan Rives

Carol Robinson

Melissa Roeder

Mike and Terry Rogers (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.. and Steve Carson)

James Rominger

Sara Ross

Kate Rossi

Margaret Ross-Jones

Joan Rothfuss

Branden Rowe

Russell and Sharon Ruda

Debbie and George Rudis

Greg Runyard and Laura Bautista

Joe Rupnik (Dublin Pub/The Pasta House)

Tom and Peggy Ryder

Erin Sabath and Stephen Seitz

Ellen and Tom Schanzle-Haskins

Paul R. Schanbacher (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Representative Sue Scherer

Virginia Schenck (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

William Schlosser

Suzanne Schoneweis

Patricia A. Schroeder

Scott and Scott, P.C. (in memory of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Kathy and Milt Sees

Kathy Sees (in honor of Dale Mason, Jr.)

Frances Sehring

Brenda Semon

Joan Sestak (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Carly and Avett Shank

Linda Shankland

Debbie Shanle

David Shelow 

Jack Shook

Ada Lynn Shrewsbury

Gary and Carol Shull

Gary L. Shull

Robert and Linda Shutwell

Marguerite and Bruce Simon

Robert and Natalie Silverman

Norm and Patti Sims

Dore Skeels

Donna Slavens

Chris Smith and Debra Nickelson Smith

Clasina Smith

Irvin and April Smith (in honor of Captain Patrick Noonan)

Steve and Rita Smith

Emily Smith

Bill and Jane Snyder

Dr. Susan Soler

Rich and Gina Solomon

Gena Sommer

Sound Celebration Chorus

Boyd Springer Trust

Rod and Jan Spurbeck

Mark and Julie Staley

Suzette L. Starr

Bridget Stegall

Dr. Leigh Steiner and Dr. David Decker

Donn Stephens

Judy and Harvey Stephens

Karen Stephenson

Kathleen Sauter Stevens

David Steward

Douglas and Jill Stone

George and Diane Stone

Dr. Stephen and Lisa Stone

Andrea Stonecipher (in honor of Jacob Pahde)

Elizabeth Stricklin

Bruce Strom

Dr. Wallace F. Strow Sr.

Dr. William and Susan Sturm

Alan and Marty Stutz

Taja Summers

Theodore and Judith Sunder (in honor of Mark Gifford)

Marilyn Sullivan (in memory of the Mathias and Sullivan Families)

Brad and Carolyn Swanson

Toni Szafranski

Janet Tanner

Samantha Tawser

Nancy Taylor-Porter

Michelle Tebrugge

Eric and Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson

Evelyn Thomas

Annie Thompson

Howard and Janice Thomas

Shirley Thomas

Annie Thompson

Darrin and Rachael Thurman (in honor of Dale Mason, Jr. and Steve Carson)

James Timberlake

Ellen Tish (in memory of Dale Mason Jr.)

Tracy Family Foundation

Don and Wanda Tracy

Liz Tracy and Andrew Deuel

Bob and Mary Trask

Nancy Trey and Toni Corona (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Bart and Penny Troy

Alicia Utterback

Lori Valentine

Lyle and Eleanor VanDeventer

Steve Varble

Natalie Vera

Kim Villanueva

Mary Viner (in honor of Darlene Johnson)

Roberta Volkman

Louis VonBehren

Linda and Thomas Vono

Rachel Voss

Aimee Waldron

Sheila Walk and Doug Kamholz

Barry and Sandy Weiss

Larry Werline

Chuck and Diana Weyhenmeyer, Jr.

Michael Whalen

Mark and Kristin Wheeler

Philip and Sandy Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler

Marcia J. Wherry

Becky Whitlow

Diana Widicus and Mike Davis

Cynthia Wilkin

Jim and Dana Wilkerson

Rex and Jen Williamson

Peter and Cheryl Wise

Karen and Randy Witter

Penny Wollan-Kriel

Ed and Judy Wollet

Therese Wyatt

Cynda and Loy Wrightsman

Lucille Young

Mary Young

Dr. William Zimmer

As of February 23, 2021


Thank you to the following ticket holders who donated their tickets back to the Hoogland Center following performance cancellations.

(Names are listed as they appear on ticket orders.)


Erin Aleman

John Arroyo

Kate Baima

Gloria Banaszynski

Suzanne Beckley

Cheryl Bertaina

Carol Black

Luanne Blade

Alison Blasdell

Deonna Bonner

Robert and Sally Borcherding

Ash Boysel

Roslyn Brookens

Lindsay Buckles

Barbara Butler

Patricia Carley

Christine Cere

Elizabeth Cheney

Darlene Cockayne

Mary Coker

Ashley Coker

David Comerford

Todd Cowan

Michael Cowan

Michelle Crifasi

David Darte

Mary K Davis

Laura Davis

Megan Defrain

Diane Dietz

Rhonda Downs

Stacey Dunlap

Don Ecklund

Lisa Eden

Amanda Eichholz

Eric Flick

Katie Fry

Sarah Garcia

Tiffany Garland-Sutter

Christina Gutierrez

Sue Hage

Gretchen Harrison

Amy Haugh

Julie Hauser

Sarah Hembrook

Holly Henning-Buhr

Todd & Julie Herter

Bob and Sarah High

Leola Hildebrandt

Nelda Jacoby

Chad Kassube

Catherine Keefner

Bernard Killian

Nathan Kochanowski

Deanna Konstans

Margaret Kulek

Kristine Lecocq

Walter Lisowski

Wanda Lowe

Tim Lyons

Sarah Maender

Marilyn Matheny

Valerie Mcdermott

Brittney Mclaughlin

Susan Mendenhall

Shea Moore

Cora Muench

Joan Muncy

Grace & P.J. Nanavati

Julie Nash

Stephanie Norton

Colleen Olson

Elaine Orr

Ann Pacatte

Kathy Park

Adrienne Powers

Ann Prather

Stacie Price

Grace Rande

Courtney Reed

Krista Rock

Bernard Roth

Bobbe Rupnik

Laura Schemmer

James & Diana Schoenherr

Thomas Schwartz

Dave Shaw

Jacob Skelton

Colin & Melissa Skinner-Liberman

Audrey Sloan

Penny Snyder

Ann Stone

Diane Stone

Matthew Talken

Barbara Teaman

Edward Teaman

Michelle Tebrugge

Roger Thompson

Gretchen Tucka

Brian Tweryon

Cynthia Van Lyssel

Susan Weeks

Karen Westbrook

Leslie White

Loren Wobig

Blake Woolley

Bethany Wright


Thank you to the ticket holders who also donated their tickets back to the Springfield Theatre Centre and Phoenix Center.