2017 Year End Donors

Neha Amin & Peter Hofmann

Don & Judith Anderson

C. Kent Argenta

Marty and Vickie Austin

Donald and Alda Beemer

Scott and Karin Bell

Sandy Bellatti

Sarah Beuning and John Martin

Richard and Bette Bilinsky

Mary Blumle

John Blythe and Jane Denes

Larry and Paula Boehme

Cathy and Dennis Bringuet

Gene and Evie Brodland

Kathy and Gary Brown

Sandra Brownlow

Don and Melanie Caspary

Carl and Donna Catlin

Julie and Bill Cellini

Nancy L. Chapin

Larry Christensen

Twila Clark

Mary Ellen Creighton

Carol Cronister

Brenda Dalby

Linda and Roger Distlehorst

Bill and Sue Donels

Tim and Elizabeth Drea

Lois Dunbar

Bernadette Emery

Curt Evoy

Michael and Meise Fahsl

David and Laurie Farrell

Frank and Connie Fegan

Kevin and Kendra Floyd

Roland and Hazen Folse

Jeff Ford

Patrick Foster and Donna Lerch

Curtis Fox

Dan and Sherry Frachey

James Gambach (In honor of

Arthur and Iola Gambach)

Joan Gardner

Susan Gerber

Duane Gerlach

Joe and Lynn Gibbs (W.J. Gibbs Charitable Gift)

Mark Gifford

Susan Hammond

Steven and Jeannette Hassebrock

Kathy Hoffmann

Dean and Renee Housel

Jennifer and Michael Howie

Ralph and Rhonda Howland

Jerome Jacobson (In Honor of Barry Weiss)

Kerber, Eck and Braeckel (In Memory of

Marilyn Gutierrez)

Barbara Kern

Rob and Barb Lanham

Jerry Lieb

 Len Lieberman

Elizabeth Morris Magee

Barry Marks and Nancy Sage

Mike and Marsha Matzke

Shirley McConnaughay

Richard McLane

Norm and Vicki Megginson

Curtis and Martha Meinhardt

Jay and Teri Mesi

Penelope Meyer

John and Kibber Miller

Sharon Nation

Anthony J. Nelson

Kenneth and Angela Oldfield

Tom and Mary Ossowski

Hiram and Gaile Phillips

Paul and Jane Presney

Marla Pringle

Donald and Cindy Pritchard

Fred and Nora Puglia

Mike and Jennifer Ramm

Steven and Robin Read

Pam Reyhan

John Ringle and Elisa Hill

Henry Rodriguez

Bill and Barbara Rogers

James Rominger

Andy and Melissa Roselle

Sara Bright Ross

Joan Rothfuss

Russell and Sharon Ruda

Donna and Gary Schechter

Donald Schmidt

Richard Schuldt

Frances Sehring

Janet Seitz

William and Joy Sherman

Bruce and Marguerite Simon

Dore Skeels

Kerri Skrudland

Audrey Sloan

Edward Smith

Chris and Debra Smith

(H.D. Smith Foundation)

Steve and Rita Smith

Mark and Julie Staley

Dave Steward and Gina Kovach

Amy and Rick Stewart

Jeffrey and Linda Storm

Brad and Carolyn Swanson

Edward and Barbara Teaman

Bart and Penny Troy

Julie Vernon (In Memory of

Michael Rimmey)

Kim Villanueva and Sarah Iaiennaro

Kevin and Beth Waldman

Sheila Walk and Doug Kamholz

Patricia Wilson

Marcia J. Wherry

Linda Worlow